A humanitarian appeal to all those who stand up for LGBT rights

25 January 2015
Dear Friends,
When Indian courts re-criminalised same-sex relationships recently, it set off a string of revolts. There was a major uproar, almost in all quarters. This was one verdict that painted the country as a lawless republic where justice lacks its true spirit.
Here is a short novel Who Took the Orange from my Rainbow? from an Indian author Harish Kumar. Precisely speaking, this is a gay rights factionette, if you permit me to take the literary liberty to coin a literary term.
What is a factionette? It is fiction, a novelette woven around a few facts and real events. Okay, what is this factionette all about?
For the 150 million-plus LGBTs in India, Justice Jatin Johar proves to be a nightmare. Thanks to this new-found bugbear, LGBTs in India find themselves suddenly maligned. They all stand marked out now as potential criminals in the eyes of an asinine law.
Did Justice Jatin Johar realise the gravity of the injustice he had perpetrated? Did he finally muster the moral courage to accept that he was responsible for making the apex court of his country an antithesis of justice? Why did his justice wife tear into him for his lawless verdict? What did she know which Justice Jatin Johar didn’t? When did he realise his folly? Finally, what made him confess and cry within himself?
This explosive suspense-filled work is the just-retired Justice Johar’s story as much it is the story of all those much-maligned LGBT millions. Classified as a factionette, Who Took the Orange from my Rainbow? is couched in 7,800 words deftly spun around those days that struck untold terror in the hearts of Indian LGBTs.
Though the factionette is dedicated to the 150 million-plus persecuted LGBTs in India, this is a timeless story that is equally relevant to LGBTs elsewhere. Particularly more so to all those LGBTs languishing in those 77 homophobic regions on this earth. This factionette is an empathetic gesture towards them as well.
This novelette is sure to melt your hearts and move you to tears…….…When that happens, you are sure to ensure no one takes the orange from the rainbows.
It is my fervent hope that as a respected global LGBT community you will make it a point to add this novelette to your prized collection of LGBT literature and persuade your members to do the same. For, doing so will be supporting the cause of all those crusading for the rights of LGBTs in this highly discriminating world.
Soliciting your sincere support for this humane literary gesture,
Yours sincerely,
Harish Kumar
P.S.This debut factionette (novelette) is available as an Amazon Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONPNN632) and as an Amazon CreateSpace (Title ID: 4851125) print-to-order paperback. Also available as an ebook in all formats and in all outlets of Smashwords around the world.


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