An anecdotal primer on managing mega projects

18 January 2015
Managing mega projects is a Herculean task, a task riddled with real possibilities of cash-burns and heartburns. But, manage you must. Must, not just for your success, for your survival too. As markets go global, as national boundaries melt away and as competition gets murderous, global corporations, their CEOs and project managers need to ensure their projects satisfy the global norms of scale and size.
As you get down to translate your mega project dreams, you are sure to run over countless land-mines and booby-traps. Where could you go wrong? What errors could you commit? Where could you fail? What could be your misses?
Mega Projects Mega Realities is a compact handbook that will offer live-wire mega project lessons for your CEOs and project managers. The seven unforgettable mega project lessons presented between the covers here have been immortalised through real-life corporate anecdotes.
A must-read for CEOs, project managers, B-school academics, MBA students and corporate investors – in fact, for everyone who has a stake in the success of mega projects and their implementing corporations.
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar’s Mega Projects Mega Realities: Live-wire lessons for CEOs and project managers has been published both as a KDP Amazon ebook and Amazon CreateSpace print-to-order paperback. And available as an ebook in all formats and in all outlets of Smashwords.


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