Bright stars in the literary constellation

30 January 2015
It is high time factions and factionettes are accorded their pride of place in the galaxy of literary genres. Particularly when they satisfy every criterion of a full-fledged genre.
As our small world turns inscrutably more complex, as global relations turn more strife-torn, as violence seeps into every relationship, as religion mingles with politics and mauls the moral fibre of societies, as history begins to assert its dominance over geography, the fast-brewing global cauldron boils over and offers such an enriching fare of upheavals for writers. And it is a fare that reflects the ground realities and mirrors the paroxysms the society is painfully going through.
Reasons enough for writers to take up factions and factionettes as a whole-time literary pursuit and develop them as a deservingly independent genre. When I cast my eyes around, I can scarcely miss events that can shape themes for novels. There is no dearth of faction-inspiring events in this violence-rattled world.
From the impatient ISIS zealots drawing blood to establish an Islamic caliphate to the tide-like rise and fall of Middle East chieftains to the epidemic Ebola that revengefully rejects the repugnant lifestyles of our human race to the disgraceful defeat of the Democrats in the recent polls in the United States, the events are fast unfolding like a movie fast-forwarded by a video junkie. So fast that even an Agatha Christie thriller would bow out feeling humbled.
Well, writers should lure facts to revisit readers as irresistible factions and factionettes. As a professional writer, I am quite convinced.
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar’s debut factionette Who Took the Orange from my Rainbow? is available both as an Amazon Kindle ebook (ASIN:BOONPNN632) and as an Amazon CreateSpace print-to-order paperback (Title ID:4851125). Also available as a Smashwords ebook on all formats and in all outlets


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