Fertile source for NaNoWriMo participants

28 January 2015
Fiction writers are sitting on a gold mine in India. Truly, the country has limitless potential to throw up fascinating story ideas. Only you have to look around. I am writing this post to tell all aspiring and accomplished fiction writers that Indian themes are all set to move on to global fiction’s centrestage. Along with that, Indian writers of fiction too.
It is not just a drab morsel of data – 1.2 billion people. It is that many unique ideas. Every Indian is interesting, every region in the country is so individualistic and every village is tasteful, temptingly tasteful. If you are hungering for themes and ideas for your next novel, just become a passenger-resident of one of those many quaint villages dotting the Indian landscape. There you go!
This is my advice to all those who are taking part in NaNoWriMo. Do not neglect India, never shut your eyes to the glorious serendipity called India, and you will never hit a dry patch.
Harish Kumar


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