Fuelling LGBT rights activism


26 January 2015
1 For Justice Jatin Johar, it was just like any other day in his monotonously repetitive calendar filled with resolving dichotomous disputes, hearing heated arguments, clearing confusions and delivering drab judgements.
For once, he did not have even the faintest inkling of the fierce fermentation his verdict on that day was going to cause in India.
On that last day of his uneventful career too, he pronounced his judgement, historic for all the wrong reasons.
The verdict was on the thorny issue of same-sex relationships and consensual sex among consenting adults. He decided, delivered his judgement, recriminalised such relationships, left the apex court room and is back home now.
Not that Jatin Johar did not notice in the packed court room persevering and fervently-hoping gay activists and the sexually-different breaking down. For him, being extremely unaffected is the hallmark of a dispassionate judge. And he was one.
Harish Kumar
These are the first five paragraphs of the explosive and suspense-filled gay rights novelette Who Took The Orange From My Rainbow?, a LGBT rights factionette, to coin a term. This is Harish Kumar’s debut novelette. This novelette is available both as an Amazon Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONPNN632) and as an Amazon CreateSpace print-to-order paperback (Title ID: 4851125). Also available as a Smashwords ebook in all formats and in all outlets.


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