It is a pledge, it is a commitment

24 October 2014
Well, you just had the starters. Let me now share with you some startling facts and some sobering thoughts.
Relatively speaking, property markets are healthier than end-user realty investors. Particularly in all those unregulated realty regions of the world. From these realty-jungles, you still get to hear horror stories of end-users being shortchanged by rapacious developers and terrifying echoes of horrendous tales of blatant realty investor rights violations. In these parts of the world, the story is the same and sordid everywhere, same everywhere where realty is expected to be delivered with rights and protection, with governance and justice, be they are developers’ sales offices or mortgage-sellers’ distribution depots.
Let me take this space now to assure you that all those rights-denied and justice-deprived can look up to this space for succour. By educating them, guiding them and making them conscious of their rights, this blog-site will strive to be more pro-active in addressing their realty concerns.
Well, now is the time to demand more realty regulation, greater realty governance and better realty protection. Now is the time to usher in checks and balances in a system that continues to be pro-developer and pro-mortgage lender. It is high time you felt assured by the presence of an impartial game referee, a fair-and-square match umpire.
So, expect more posts on issues that affect end-user realty investors and mortgage buyers like you. It is a commitment that every post you will see here are imbued with this inspiration and guided by this goal-post.
With this pledge, I am taking this decisive WordPress initiative further ahead.
Harish Kumar


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