Let personal realty finance be really personal

30 October 2014
If I see how personal realty finance decisions are taken today, I am tempted to answer in the affirmative. Well, no longer earning, spending, saving and personal realty investing decisions are taken by individuals. They are collectively taken by proxies – a motley gaggle of advertisers, and assorted bunches of marketing eagles and selling vultures.
All because individuals have ceased to exercise their due diligence. You may have strong excuses for not exercising your due diligence: hard-pressed for time, neck-deep in personal commitments and not smart enough to take complex personal realty finance decisions. For heaven’s sake, stop doling out such excuses.
Have the will and you have the way. Needed today in the complex world of personal realty finance are these: the inclination, the involvement, the intention and the interest, the four I’s of personal realty finance.
That is where this awareness blog comes in. The primary objective of this blog is to create those four I’s. Evidences are galore to establish that all the so-called vehicles of your personal realty finance – your mortgage bank, your realty investment trust, your realty adviser and your realty selling agent – are not exactly working in your interest. They all have their own set of objectives, which they are chasing all the time.
Like in any other profession, there are black sheep in the domain of personal realty finance too. Perhaps, hordes of them. So, keep your eyes wide open. Take all your personal realty finance decisions after due consultation and due investigation, after due diligence. There is no substitute for due diligence in matters of personal realty finance. If you do not know how to exercise that due diligence, this blog will help you to do that.
Personal realty finance is a flowering domain. The best of personal realty finance is yet to come. It is in your interest to demand what is rightfully due to you. Let your personal realty finance decisions be really personal.
You may allow outside forces to guide you. But, never allow them to be your proxy investors. Never allow them to take your personal realty finance decisions. Do not ever get carried away by all those target-chasing selling agents. Do not ever become a target yourself.
Harish Kumar


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