The NaNoWriMo war theatre

29 January 2015
Why look far and beyond for themes and plots for your NaNoWriMo effort? Here is another rich source for all writer-aspirants. Sure, history is ideas-fertile, but the World War II saga is truly a cornucopia.
Nurse your next novel in a World War II setting. So many nations, so many theatres of war, so many battles, so many Goliath-like personalities and so many ideas! Should Adolf Hitler be thanked for being the trigger-point of this tireless source of plots, sub-plots and themes?
Set your novel in the Burmese war theatre, or build your plot in the fascinating Japanese war theatre, or in the killing French warfields. Why not conjure up heart-wrenching fiction-faction in one of those supportive secondary war theatres such as India, South East Asia and the Caribbean?
Wars are not fought in killing fields, they are essentially fought in human minds. Explore that warring mind in all its moods and motions. Wow! What a reservoir of novel ideas you have before you!
Do not ever let go World War II, never leave it behind your creative chase. Let the war go on – in your mind, in your creative imagination, in your explosive thought alleys. And the outcome of this war is going to be sweet, sizzling and satisfying.
Go ahead and create countless Hiroshimas and Nagasakis in the literary mindscape. Good luck!
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar is a budding novelist-writer and Who Took The Orange from my Rainbow? was his debut novelette, a factionette as he prefers to call it. This gay rights factionette is available both as an Amazon ebook (ASIN: BOONPNN632) and as a print-to-order Amazon CreateSpace paperback (Title ID: 4851125). It is also available as an ebook in all formats and in all outlets on the Smashwords platform.


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