Why “Mega Projects Mega Realities”

15 January 2015
As International Inc continues to think big, business projects are getting bigger by the day. Search the maps of global business and look far and wide, you are sure to see mega projects mushrooming all over the place, as if there had been a torrential downpour of global ambitions.
Around the world, inspired project managers and their CEOs are rapidly realising that it is not just enough to dream big, they need to transform those dreams into mega projects and realities. In fact, these inspired bunch of CEOs and project managers are mega devotees of size and scale today. Call them mega fetishists, if you prefer such a high-sounding word.
This penchant for gigantism in scale and size are furiously driving corporate plans and programmes, assets and ambitions forward today. But, CEOs and project managers are also realising that size and scale mean new challenges. As projects turn Goliaths, smart management of mega projects is becoming critical for survival and success.
Flawless conception of projects and their efficient implementation, besides the ability to stick to pre-budgeted cost and time schedules, are becoming critical for survival and success in the dog-eat-dog global business world, both for mega projects and project-implementing companies.
Naturally, project managers and their CEOs need to remember a few ground rules for managing mega projects with global competence. And face up to the challenging ground realities that are sure to develop en route.
What are these ground rules? What ground realities are waiting to confront them? What challenges are waiting to take them on? Which mega project strategies are winsome? How Global Inc should be adopting these strategies and adapting to those of their competitors for better project management? What should they do when they discover that chosen project technologies are not suitable for the available feedstocks and fail to fit into their budgetary frameworks and overall corporate schemes? What should they do to prevent a time and cost over-run? Finally, how should they respond to changing federal regulations and laws?
Too many questions, and many more are whirling in the heads of CEOs and project managers, who need convincing answers for all these questions in their quest for project excellence. That is where this handy roadmap Mega Projects Mega Realities comes in. Whether you are a CEO or a project manager, you are sure to find this extremely utilitarian.
Peppered with project anecdotes from India, Mega Projects Mega Realities has been written to offer project managers unforgettable lessons drawn from live-wire project instances and examples, project case studies and comments.
Well, do not wince on hearing mega project anecdotes are from India. Though mega project examples originate from Indian corporate heavyweights and consultancy majors, the lessons they provide here are certainly not region-specific. The project lessons here know no boundaries. Anecdotes are dated, some might say. Sure, they have definite timelines. But, the lessons they throw are timeless, eternal, country-neutral and universal.
Remember, mega projects are the cement-and-steel representations of nothing but mega aspirations, mega dreams, mega desires and mega hopes.
Whether you are a mega project manager or an ambitious CEO or a maturing business school student, you are sure to find this mega projects manual illuminating.
Harish Kumar
Mega Projects Mega Realities: Live-wire lessons for CEOs and project managers, authored by Harish Kumar, has been published both as an Amazon Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONQ9OKFI) and as an Amazon CreateSpace print-to-order paperback (Title ID: 4939649). Also available as an ebook in all formats and in all distribution outlets of Smashwords. The above text is the foreword to the book.


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