A labour of love egging on you

5 February 2015
Simply speaking, the book More Metaphoric Madness represents the second week of the four-week course. You have now before you Book 2, the first of the three sequels to the epochal Metaphoric Madness series.
With as many as five word-metaphors a day and seven days a week, it adds up to 35 word-metaphors a week, all covered in one book. That works out to a total of 140 word-metaphors in all the four books taken together. These 140 word-metaphors have been classified into four categories – words from where you live, words from where you study, words from what you study and words from what you play.
The Book 1 Metaphoric Madness dealt with 35 word-metaphors, all simple words drawn from where you live. These 35 wonderful word-metaphors showed the world that innovative usage of simple words is delivered through your imagination, and not through your musty and dog-eared textbooks.
Now, More Metaphoric Madness will make you alive to the metaphorical qualities of another set of 35 simple words, all drawn from places where you study and learn. That is five word-metaphors a day for the second week.
The seven sub-groups for the seven days of the sexy second week are: word-metaphors from the second home called the school, its sweaty playground, its musty library, its sharp-smelling laboratory, the zoo, the aviary and the mind-boggling world of insects.
What should make More Metaphoric Madness really unputdownable is its witty style, tongue-in-cheek comments and lively anecdotes. At the end of the day, if this labour of love makes you love words for their mysterious metaphoric qualities, eggs you on to explore those mysteries and helps you transform into a consummate communicator, my mission will stand completed.
And that will also be a sure sign that I should labour on and soldier on, other fruits of such labour notwithstanding.
Harish Kumar
More Metaphoric Madness offers expert advice, word-pictures and imagery, and ensures metaphors are longer the exclusive preserve of elite writers. This anecdotal second volume of the Metaphor Madness series is available both as a Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONPNMZK2) and a print-to-order CreateSpace paperback (Title ID: 4916813). It is also available in all Smashwords formats and its global outlets as an ebook


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