All about metaphor sanity


2 February 2015
Can you describe temptingly low-hanging fruits as tantalising?
Are all doomsayers Cassandras?
Which is right, squaring the circle or circling the square?
Why is the vegetative metaphor in a vegetative state today?
When does the arithmetic metaphor become a good metaphor arithmetic?
Is botany a metaphor for all hand-me-down knowledge?
Can negative words become resonant?
Why is Eureka moment fast turning into a weasel metaphor?
Yeast and dough – which is the spreading metaphor and which is the accommodating metaphor?
Why shouldn’t veneer be used as a respectable metaphor?
Is wilderness a metaphor for the down and out?
Are all harsh and severe laws draconian?
Many more metaphor questions……….
Many more answers……….
And many more metaphor stories……….
Much More Metaphoric Madness is all about metaphor sanity
Harish Kumar
Much More Metaphoric Madness: Many More Simple Words Turn Sexy Metaphors, authored by Harish Kumar, is the third volume (Book 3) in the Metaphor Madness series. This provocative and prodding volume is available both as an Amazon Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONRMJ8QU) and as an Amazon CreateSpace print-to-order paperback (Title ID: 4916817). Also as a Smashwords ebook in all formats and in its all outlets.


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