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1 February 2015
Birth, dream, fruits, mother, street,………well…….
Do not shrug your shoulders dismissively. Do not wave all these words away as plainly pedestrian. Many more Simple Simons such as these straddle across the English linguistic landscape as powerful and potent metaphors.
Only that you should know when, where and how to use them all as pictorial metaphors. Metaphoric Madness will precisely help you gain that rare expertise.
Using simple words as sexy metaphors for a variety of emotions, conditions and circumstances is actually multiplying your word power manifold. And discovering artful metaphors in mundane words is actually mastering quality in communication.
Ideally, treat this book as the first leg in your new metaphor journey. You are sure to find Metaphoric Madness absorbing and addictive. And that addiction is certain to prove creative and constructive.
In more ways than one.
Harish Kumar
Metaphoric Madness, the first in the four-volume Metaphoric Madness series, is available as an ebook from KDP Amazon (ASIN: BOONPNNB5U) and as a print-to-order paperback from Amazon CreateSpace (Title ID: 4916790). Also available as a Smashwords ebook in all formats and in all distribution outlets.


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