Smashwords ISBNs and prices of my ebooks

17 February 2015
In case you decide to buy the e-version of any of my six books, here are their ISBNs and their list prices for your reference (mentioned in two successive brackets):
Metaphoric Madness (9781311736260) (US $ 3.99)
More Metaphoric Madness (9781311698384) (US $ 3.99)
Much More Metaphoric Madness (9781311640932) (US $ 3.99)
Who Took the Orange from my Rainbow? (9781310118425) (US $ 2.99)
Mega Projects Mega Realities (9781310310430) (US $ 3.99)
Canons of Corporate Surgery (9781310958519) (US $ 3.99)
Have a nice enlightening time!
Harish Kumar


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