Sometimes madness is manna from heaven

3 February 2015
For a really enhanced learning experience, Metaphoric Madness has drawn published examples of all the word-metaphors from the world’s leading newspapers, magazines, periodicals and websites. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to them.
Metaphoric Madness is actually the first week lesson from a 4-week course. With one-week’s lesson in each book, there are four books in all. Thus, this Metaphor Series has Book 1 to Book 4. And Book 1 is before you now, an irresistibly stimulating and appetising starter.
With five chosen word-metaphors a day and seven days a week, it adds up to 35 metaphorical words a week, all covered in one book. So, you have a total of 140 metaphor-words in all the four books put together. These 140 metaphor-words have been drawn from where you live, where you study, what you study and what you play.
This Book 1 Metaphoric Madness is all about the first set of 35 metaphor-words of the first week, all of them drawn from where you live. These 35 words are further divided into seven sub-groups, for the seven days of the week.These seven sub-groups are: from the kitchen, the bedroom, the garden, the family, the house, the avenue and the dining room.
I am sure you will find Metaphoric Madness profitable. If it ends up finally in your reference library, it will be worth the effort.
Harish Kumar
Metaphoric Madness is the first in the four-volume Metaphoric Madness series. Authored by Harish Kumar, Metaphoric Madness is available both as an Amazon KDP ebook (ASIN: BOONPNNB5U) and as an Amazon CreateSpace print-to-order paperback (Title ID: 4916790). Also available as a Smashword ebook in all formats and in its all outlets around the world


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