The Smashwords coupon codes for 50% discount

18 February 2015
Dear Friends,
Do not miss this “Bumper Bonanza” discount sale of Harish Kumar’s Books on Smashwords. Here are the details:
The discount: 50% on list price
The period of discount sale: Until 20 April, 2015
Status of the sale: Currently on
Here are the coupon codes that should help you in enjoying this massive discount (The title followed by its list price, its coupon price and the coupon code in brackets):
1. Metaphoric Madness ($3.99, $1.99, VE99F)
2. More Metaphoric Madness ($3.99, $1.99, RV63W)
3. Much More Metaphoric Madness ($3.99, $1.99, AX92Z)
4. Who Took the Orange from my Rainbow? ($2.99, $1.49, VN36W)
5. Mega Projects Mega Realities ($3.99, $1.99, HP22Q)
6. Canons of Corporate Surgery ($3.99, $1.99, CE79B)
Have a rollicking time!
Harish Kumar


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