When history becomes geography

1 February 2015
Is mothball a metaphor for a proposal abandoned or for a project shelved? When does history become a metaphor for geography? How did the metaphor hive provoke a globally-respected publication to jettison bylines for good? How does butterfly win its metaphor battle with the beetle?
Can chameleon be a metaphor for a colourful person? When does textbook become a positive metaphor for an individual? What is that useful metaphor in the frog-scorpion fable?
Is the albatross a metaphor now for power of flight or pathetic plight? Are all hounds pesky metaphors? Why is spine a wrong metaphor for physical heroism? Why isn’t maverick a metaphor for me-toos?
Metaphors are everyday business and everyone’s right of speech. So, it is high time you had questions like these answered by an expert like More Metaphoric Madness.
Harish Kumar
More Metaphoric Madness brings expert advice, word-pictures and imagery to your doorsteps and ensures metaphors are no longer the sole preserve of academia and, elite speakers and writers. This racily-written second volume of the Metaphor Madness series is available both as an Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONPNMZK2) and print-on-order CreateSpace paperback (Title ID: 4916813). Also available as an ebook in all formats and in all distribution outlets of Smashwords.


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