When will this madness end?

14 February 2015
Having tasted blood, pardon me for employing a metaphor, you are now all set to march into the third week of this insatiable metaphor course. No wonder you are hell-bent on learning how to use another set of 35 seemingly-ordinary words as striking metaphors in your daily oral or verbal exchanges.
When does this metaphor madness end, you wonder. Probably, it will never. The metaphor frontiers of this amazing language are ever expanding. English metaphors are expansionist by nature.
In this third week of your metaphor course, you are sure to discover new and more versatile dimensions to English language metaphors. This third volume of the now-popular Metaphoric Madness series you are holding in your hands is sure to tease your senses pleasantly and help you attain greater degree of felicity in your English usage.
I am sure your linguistic taste buds will remain constantly in a tickled state between the covers of this third book Much More Metaphoric Madness. Let me run the risk of sounding repetitive. As every word in this glorious language gets clothed as a metaphor, your penchant for using them as metaphors is sure to bring a vibgyor effect to your written and spoken language.
What is wonderful about the English language is that every word is a metaphor, and every metaphor has an enchanting story behind it. And every such story has in it the seeds of artistic expression. The golden rule: you forget the story and you forget the metaphor.
Much More Metaphoric Madness is sure to help you in breaking new grounds in transforming more simple words into mojo metaphors. For an illustrated learning experience, you will find throughout this book published examples of all the word-metaphors.
You will know how today’s global publications of repute twist words into teasing metaphors, and employ such metaphors to drive home the point. Again, let me use this platform to express my gratitude to each one of them. Simply speaking, Much More Metaphoric Madness represents the third week of the four-week course. You have now before you Book 3, the second of the three sequels to Metaphoric Madness.
With five word-metaphors a day and seven days a week, it adds up to 35 word-metaphors a week, covered in one book. So, you have a total of 140 word-metaphors in all the four books put together. You are about to add another 35 word-metaphors to your imagery-filled inventory.
These 140 word-metaphors have been classified into four categories – words from where you live, words from where you study, words from what you study and words from what you play.
The Book 1 Metaphoric Madness was on 35 word-metaphors, all simple words drawn from where you live, which were further divided into seven sub-categories for the seven days of the first week.
The Book 2 More Metaphoric Madness offered you another set of 35 metaphors drawn from where you study. The seven sub-categories for the seven days of the second week were: word-metaphors from the school, from the playground, from the library, from the laboratory, from the zoo, from the aviary and from the world of insects.
This Book 3 Much More Metaphoric Madness brings you the third set of 35 word metaphors, all drawn from what you study: from history, geography, chemistry, physics, botany, mathematics and Ancient Greece. The word-metaphors have been picked up with their versatility in mind.
I am sure you will not only enjoy reading Much More Metaphoric Madness, as much as you enjoyed reading the previous two Metaphoric Madness books, you will also make it a point to keep these three volumes beside you, as your constant reference companions.
If these three books end up making you a philologist and an ardent lover of cute little word-metaphors, I am sure that will be the greatest tribute you can ever pay to this ongoing labour of love.
Harish Kumar
Much More Metaphoric Madness is the third volume in the Metaphor Madness series. This provocative and prodding volume is available both as an Amazon Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONRMJ8QU) and as an Amazon CreateSpace print-to-order paperback (Title ID: 4916817). This title is also available as a Smashwords ebook in all formats and all Smashwords outlets around the world


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