Why metaphor madness is good

3 February 2015
English is a language of metaphors. Nearly every word in this glorious global language doubles up as a metaphor. Using simple words as sexy metaphors is profitable, in more ways than one.
One, it adds colour to your communication. Metaphors make your words effective, energetic and imagery-filled. Two, it expands and extends your vocabulary. If you know a word both in its literal and metaphorical senses, it is akin to knowing more words, multiple words.
As new words keep getting added to the English lexicon every passing day, writers are turning innovative. They are inventing new and novel metaphorical usages for words already known. That is what makes English highly vibrant and extremely dynamic. This vibrancy and dynamism are largely responsible for the universality and reach of the English language.
Metaphoric Madness will help you add colour to your simple words, by turning them into sexy metaphors. How? Just by opening your eyes to their versatility and variegated applications as metaphors.
Harish Kumar
Metaphoric Madness, the first in the series of four maddening metaphor books, is authored by Harish Kumar. Get your hand either on a KDP Amazon Kindle ebook edition (ASIN: BOONPNNB5U) or on a paperback edition from KDP CreateSpace (Title ID: 4916790). Or, the ebook from a Smashwords distribution outlet in any format you desire.


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