Why should you grab More Metaphoric Madness

4 February 2015
You are right now confidently stepping into your second week of this fascinating metaphor course. So, you are determined to learn how to use another set of 35 simple words as striking metaphors in your daily exchanges. Never has the English language ceased to amaze us with its countless metaphor wonders. You can experience more such wonders and see them unfolding before you in More Metaphoric Madness, the second volume in this educative Metaphor Madness series.
At the risk of sounding repetitive, let me emphasise here that nearly every word in this magnificent language can be couched as a metaphor. Believe me, employing simple words as exhilarating and enchanting metaphors is extremely educative. And highly utilitarian too.
One, it makes your words striking and powerful, ever hitting the listeners like hailstones. Two, it transforms your vocabulary into a multi-dimensional personality, with your unmistakable stamp of individuality on it.
No one can deny knowing a word in its various senses, literal and otherwise (metaphorical), is as good as knowing multiple words. As this glorious English language develops non-stop through its transformational phases, not only new words get into English lexicon every passing day, even existing words acquire their never-used-before metaphorical avatars.
That is what makes English an energetic language, a powerful dynamo of pictorial metaphors and a veritable gallery of vibrant vignettes. Sure, you can get that boundless energy of the English language released through assorted metaphorical forms all those deceptively straight and simple words take.
Believe my words, More Metaphoric Madness will help you in further exploring new metaphors buried in those simple words you already know. For a better and an enhanced learning experience, you will find everywhere in this book published examples of all the word-metaphors, all living examples culled from leading media properties of the world.
Again, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of them.
Harish Kumar
More Metaphoric Madness offers expert advice, word-pictures and imagery, and ensures metaphors are longer the exclusive preserve of elite writers. This anecdotal second volume of the Metaphor Madness series is available both as an Kindle ebook (ASIN: BOONPNMZK2) and print-to-order CreateSpace paperback (Title ID: 4916813). Also available as a Smashwords ebook in all formats and in its all outlets around the world


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