What is madness – the life or the metaphor?

You are now holding in your hands Not the End of Metaphoric Madness, the fourth and final book in the Metaphoric Madness series.
This metaphoric culmination deals with how simple words from what you play – cricket, football, racing, golf and billiards, athletics, tennis and badminton, and chess – turn into mesmerising metaphors. In all, that is 35 new game and sporting word- metaphors for the seven days of your fourth week, five for each day of the week.
Metaphors are word pictures. They are vignettes of verbal pleasure, even for those who do not have the privilege of eye sight. The 35 word-pictures profiled in this book have been cherry-picked to represent the sheer joy of metaphorisation.
Your creative mind has vast and unlimited potential to transform every word in our English, the living language of metaphors, into an enchanting metaphor. And this book is celebration of the joy such a transformation brings in you, in your words and in your usual and unusual communication.
Metaphor, in itself, is a metaphor. Metaphor is a nice metaphor for visualisation. Take the metaphors out, you will realise how colourless are your words and how imageless is your communication.
In what is a labour of love, Not the End of Metaphoric Madness brings to an end an affair with word-metaphors that began more than a year ago. But, that end is only for now. For, I am sure this madness will never cease. That is the rationale behind this book’s sub-title The series ends, Not the madness.
Without this madness, the greater madness of letters and literature, and the greatest madness of life, will cease to be madness, the buzzing catch-all metaphoric euphemism. For once, obsession becomes sobriety. For once, passion becomes philosophy. For once, madness becomes sanity.
As you turn simple words into ageless metaphors, you ensure every word of yours gets pictorially engraved in the galleries of mind. And you become audible even to those who are hard of hearing.
The more metaphor-tuned you are, the greater are the chances that your every word transforms into timeless moving images on the mental canvas. I hope this 4-volume Metaphoric Madness series, Not the End of Metaphoric Madness in particular, will cross and traverse your many mental miles to find a permanent residence in an indestructible niche in your memory.
Harish Kumar
This is the prologue of my just-published “Not the End of Metaphoric Madness”


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