Just a single redirecting link for the Kindle editions of my titles

Here is my new worldwide redirecting book links for my Kindle editions of my seven published titles:
1. Metaphoric Madness – http://bookShow.me/BOONPNNB5U
2. More Metaphoric Madness – http://bookShow.me/BOONPNMZK2
3. Much More Metaphoric Madness – http://bookShow.me/BOONRMJ8QU
4. Not the End of Metaphoric Madness – http://bookShow.me/BO1147UL7Y
5. Who Took the Orange from my Rainbow? – http://bookShow.me/BOONPNN632
6. Mega Projects Mega Realities – http:bookShow.me/BOONQ9OKFI
7. Canons of Corporate Surgery – http://bookShow.me/BOONQAESYO
Thus, each title has just one link that is enough to redirect anyone in the world to the proper Amazon book page on his/her local Amazon.
Thanks, Harish Kumar


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