My curated newspapers on ePublishing launched

Dear friends,
Just launched on 13 August 2015 two curated online newspapers (dailies) on ePublishing.
E-Publishing Ecstasy is one of them. The E-Publishing Daily is the other. Both have the following sub-title: Intimate companion of Indie authors.
While the former is published four days a week (Monday to Thursday), the latter is published on all seven days of the week. The time of their publication: 23:00 hours local time and the time zone selected is (GMT+05:30)Kolkata.
Visit the home page of, click on the title you want to read on the menu bar and you will be taken to the hyperlinks of all the issues of that title, including the day’s edition. Click on the issue you wish to read and there you will have it spreading before your eyes.
Wishing all aspiring and accomplished indie authors a wonderful ePublishing companion,
Harish Kumar


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