Beacons for aspiring Indie authors

The following note was from my Editor-Curator’s Desk. This was published on 13 August 2015 under the slug “From the Editor’s Desk” in the homepage of my website that houses all the issues of “E-Publishing Ecstasy” and “The E-Publishing Daily“. These two e-newspapers, along with my website, were launched on 13 August 2015
Beacons for aspiring Indie authors
Writers and readers are gradually waking up to the many boons of e-publishing. As e-books and e-papers are poised for a major take-off, both writers and readers have begun toasting each other. They could not be wrong. If you are an avid reader, expect soon a whole new generation of e-books with more reader-friendly features. Be prepared to see indexing, search and navigation, all becoming more affable.
The virtue of e-publishing lies in the fact that it is much more than just digital publishing. It is more to do with connecting the author with his universe of readers, making it possible to reach every potential reader out there. As new e-publishing platforms emerge, as friendlier e-book formats develop, readers are going to get terribly spoilt for choice soon. That is why the current excitement around e-publishing.
This excitement is quite evident everywhere. For instance, cast a cursory glance at the jobs up for grabs for the day in freelance job sites such as Elance-oDesk, you are sure to find most of them have something to do with e-publishing.
Never before has a writer-author been so empowered. As a self-publisher, today he decides on everything that has to do with his e-publishing effort – the product, its design, its price, its packaging, its promotion and its distribution. However, that brings up a set of new issues for the growing breed of Indie authors, who more often than not find themselves lost in the labyrinthine wonderland of e-publishing.
That is where the inspiration for this humble effort came from. Here I offer two curated e-publishing dailies – E-Publishing Ecstasy and The E-Publishing Daily, both conceived as a major one-source info and guide for all ambitious and aspiring Indie authors. Both were launched on 13 August 2015. The optimist in me says that you will appreciate this honest hand-holding effort.
While E-Publishing Ecstasy is published four days a week, Monday to Thursday, The E-Publishing Daily is published on all seven days of the week. Both the papers are published at 23:00 hours from Mumbai in India with their time zones set as Kolkata (GMT+05:30).
Here below you will find links to all the issues of these two curated dailies. You will also find all my social media co-ordinates so that you can engage with me and feed me back with whatever you feel about the two e-products. I am sure you will find tremendous value in these two curated dailies.
Wish you enjoy all the pleasures of a self-publisher. Minus the accompanying pains.
Harish Kumar


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