Balance your body, mind and spirit with this e-paper!

Here is an e-daily for holistic healing aficianados. The Holistic Healer comes with an assurance that it will be different from run-of-the-mill health and fitness e-publications in that it will take a holistic approach to your health issues.
Put differently, The Holistic Healer will focus on balanced lifestyle and will not rush on to a single track to get overly obsessed with your physical health alone. That is precisely what is going to distinguish The Holistic Healer from all other health and fitness publications that over-emphasise on alternative medicine or complementary medicine or integrative medicine – all mere buzz words, hollow weasel words.
The Holistic Healer will never try to be some sort of one-time fix for your well-being, but will embark on helping you attain wholeness by ongoing exercises in balancing your lifestyle, balancing your body, mind and spirit.
That is why the sweeping scope of The Holistic Healer will include trend-setting holistic therapeutic devices such as aromatherapy, ayurvedic medicine, natural diet, physical exercises, spiritual counselling, vibrational medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, bodywork, energy-based therapies, prayerful intention and Chinese medicine.
If you ask me what is the mission statement of The Holistic Healer, here it is: “Help you seek the tools that will assist you in creating personal feel-good situations on an ongoing basis. And help you attain all-round personal wellness. And assist you in creating balance of power between your body and mind, your mind and spirit and finally between your body and spirit.
Go ahead and holistically heal yourself with The Holistic Healer!
Harish Kumar
Curating Editor


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