“The Fearful Future” Launched!

A futuristic geo-political daily “The Fearful Future” has been launched! The daily was launched on Tuesday, 8 September 2015.
Expect to read the e-daily everyday hot off the press at 18:00 hours local time (Time Zone: GMT +05:30 Kolkata)
To read all the issues since 8 September 2015, visit http://www.epublishingpost.com for links. Have an explosive reading experience!
Harish Kumar
Curating Editor


The final publication schedule of all the six e-papers

Here is the final publication schedule of all the six e-papers for your reference:
1. E-Publishing Ecstasy– 23:00 hours in Mumbai
2. The E-Publishing Daily – 23:00 hours in Mumbai
3. My Money – 10:00 hours in Mumbai
4. StartupStory– 18:00 hours in Mumbai
5. The Fearful Future – 18:00 hours in Mumbai
6. The Holistic Healer – 07:00 hours in Mumbai
Happy reading!
Harish Kumar,
Curating Editor

The personal finance daily “The My Money Daily” launched

I have just launched on 24 August 2015 an integrated wholesome personal finance e-paper “The My Money Daily.” This personal finance e-paper will cover personal finance issues from the realms of personal earnings, personal career, personal savings, personal banking, personal loans, personal spending, personal education, personal technology, personal vehicles, personal health, personal insurance, personal investing, personal property and personal taxation. In fact, this personal finance e-paper will cover everything that has a bearing on your money.
Access the issues on http://www.epublishingpost.com, where you will find the links to all the issues. This e-paper will be published on all seven days of the week at 10:00 a.m. (local time) (GMT+05:30) Kolkata.
Wish you all a happy profitable reading,
Harish Kumar